What we do

Overground Records releases punk rock, anarcho punk, proto punk and other interesting reissues, and the occasional new release by bands we’ve previously reissued.

Overground Records started in 1988 inspired to reissue a few punk rock classics. The first few releases were limited edition vinyl pressings, but with the advent of compact discs we started manufacturing CDs, but most releases have reverted back to vinyl. Much of the catalogue is also available for download.

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Out now, a 300 only vinyl complilation LP by north-east 70s punks The Proles. It compiles their Rock Against Racism and Small Wonder 7″ singles along with other studio recordings.

Last two releases were a 500 only red vinyl with full colour 12″ insert reissue of Neon Hearts ‘Popular Music’ LP and a 500 only reissue of the collectable 7″ ‘The Teen Age’ by Northern Irish punk band Victim.

Hot Releases

  • Title: Popular Music LPNeon Hearts - Popular Music red vinyl
    Artist: Neon Hearts

    First official reissue of this punk classic on vinyl. Limited edition of 500 red vinyl reissue with card insert. — Cat #: OVER154LP

  • Title: The Teen AgeVictim - The Teen Age
    Artist: Victim

    Repro of the highly collectable 7” originally released in 1980 from Good Vibrations’ Irish punk band. — Cat #: OVER155

  • Title: Morton CrescentThe Proles - Moreton Crescent
    Artist: The Proles

    70s punk band from the north-east of England who released two singles on Rock Against Racism Records and Small Wonder. 16 vintage punk tracks, limited to 300 copies. — Cat #: Over 156LP

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