What we do

Overground Records releases punk rock, anarcho punk, proto punk and other interesting reissues, and the occasional new release by bands we’ve previously reissued.

Overground Records started in 1988 inspired to reissue a few punk rock classics. The first few releases were limited edition vinyl pressings, but with the advent of compact discs we started manufacturing CDs because we could include up to 74 minutes of music, making them better value. Much of the catalogue is also available for download.

News . . . News . . . News . . .

The latest release is the Nuclear Socketts ‘Complete Singles’ LP. Orange vinyl, 300 only, all the singles including the previously unreleased third single.

Next up a new single from Paranoid Visions ‘Two Black Eyes’. Two new and seriously wonderful tracks, limited 7″, 500 only with insert.

Flying out very quickly is a 500 only white vinyl pressing of Zounds ‘The Curse Of Zounds’ that closely reproduces the original.

Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life is hitting the road this year with these confirmed dates: 13th March Nottingham The Maze, 1st May York Fulford Arms, 17th April Newcastle-upon-Tyne Cluny 2, 3rd May, Stockton Green Room, 23rd May Oxford Jericho Tavern, 11th July Wirral Fort Rock Perch. Tickets are £8 advance, £10 on door.

Hot Releases

  • Title: Complete SinglesNuclear Socketts Complete Singles LP
    Artist: Nuclear Socketts

    Contains their two 7”, the flexi, the previously unreleased third single and two studio demos. 300 only, orange vinyl.

  • Title: The Curse Of Zounds! LPZounds The Curse Of Zounds white vinyl
    Artist: Zounds

    500 only pressing on white vinyl that closely reproduces the original pressing’s cover, inner sleeve and label.

  • Title: Trapped In A CageDamian O'Neill Trapped In A Cage
    Artist: Damian O'Neill

    Two exclusive power-pop tracks from The Undertones guitarist and songwriter. Limited edition of 500.

  • Title: The Cravats In Toytown LPThe Cravats In Toytown LP
    Artist: The Cravats

    Closely reproduces the original artwork and insert, but with the bonus of an inner sleeve.

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