What we do

Overground Records releases punk rock, anarcho punk, proto punk and other interesting reissues, and the occasional new release by bands we’ve previously reissued.

Overground Records started in 1988 inspired to reissue a few punk rock classics. The first few releases were limited edition vinyl pressings, but with the advent of compact discs we started manufacturing CDs because we could include up to 74 minutes of music, making them better value. Much of the catalogue is also available for download.

News . . . News . . . News . . .

Out now is a solo single from The Undertones’ Damian O’Neill ‘Trapped In A Cage’. Limited to just 500 copies, it’s two tracks of wonderful power-pop!

Also out is the debut album from Steve Ignorant’s latest project Slice of Life. It’s a radical departure from what he’s done before, but is nevertheless a fantastic album. Out on vinyl and CD.

Previous to that was an acoustic album by Goldblade titled ‘Acoustic Jukebox’. It was a one-off pressing of 300 on vinyl and 500 on CD.

Hot Releases

  • Title: Trapped In A CageDamian O'Neill Trapped In A Cage
    Artist: Damian O'Neill

    Two exclusive power-pop tracks from The Undertones guitarist and songwriter. Limited edition of 500.

  • Title: Love And A Lamp-post LPSlice of Life 'Love And A Lamp-post'
    Artist: Slice of Life

    Steve Ignorant’s new project, it’s acoustic and spoken word but with his usual vitriolic lyrics. LP comes with bonus CD.

  • Title: Acoustic Jukebox LPGoldblade Acoustic Jukebox red vinyl
    Artist: Goldblade

    Limited edition red vinyl pressing of 300

  • Title: Planet Punkrubella ballet planet punk
    Artist: Rubella Ballet

    First album of new material since 1986 from Rubella Ballet who were highly influential in both the anarcho-punk and the early gothic scenes.

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